Massage Pillow

  • Full body multi-purpose vibrating massage pillow

  • Shiatsu neck vibrating back heated massage pillow

  • Belt Massager

    1.Wireless remote control, LCD indicator display, massage strength and working time counting.
    2.Mineral salt heating & far infrared physical therapy.
    3.Double tapping motors, imitating two hands tapping, but more powerful.
    4.16 featured massage modes, 1 compositive anti mode, 8 minutes working time setting.
    5.8 levels massage strength, everyone can enjoy their massage level.
    6.Graceful design, soft feeling, used in home and work to lead a perfect lifestyle and fashion.
    7.Special heating function can promote the blood circulation of your neck, shoulder and waist which eliminates your fatigue, ease your ache and improve your metabolism.
    8.Built-in sandbag with particular silver sand, you can not only increase the weight to operate the tapping massage more effectively, also can let you feel the comfort of the slightly vibration.

  • Massage Pillow for home and car

    1、Bone pillow design, double LED, high elastic PU fabric, massage area using unique mesh design. 2、Infinitely variable speed control, built-in four massage kneading head, the back of a fixed belt design 3、Driving home is suitable for massage of neck, back, waist, thigh, calf and arm

  • Electric shiats travel neck massage pillow

    Electric shiatsu heated camping travel neck

    massage pillow


    1.Fashion Apple-shaped look, 8 massage balls inside to massage forward and reverse;
    2.Multiple use for household, office and car;
    3. Microcomputer one-button intelligent controlling, 15 min timer to shut off;
    4. 12V safe low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.

    Delivery time:

    20-25 days after receive deposit

  • Massage Pillow

    Features of massage pillow 1.Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous;; 2.Infrared heating function, massage more comfortable; 3.Four high-frequency massage balls, simulation massage super comfortable 4.Comprehensive massage, multiple massage head massage waist and back at the same time; 5.DC12V power supply , home and car use,let your life more fun .